Aroma India is owned and operated by myself, Mohammed Khan, my family and my loyal team.

My wife and I have worked in the hospitality industry for many years. We opened in Greytown in 2015 and focused on providing a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in which our diners can enjoy our fabulous food served by our knowledgeable staff. We then opened Aroma India Silverstream in January 2018 and Aroma India Martinborough in July 2021.

Our chefs are recruited from high class restaurants in India that cater to a number of different cultures. They are from different parts of India and bring with them their own specialities, which are reflected in our menu. We serve innovative, fresh meals cooked to order which is why you sometimes have to wait for your meals to be ready. We mix our own spices in-house rather than using ready-mixed packets to help contribute to the freshness of our food. We also make our own paneer in-house as you will be able to tell from the “squeaks” it makes when you eat it. All of these factors contribute to the “Aroma India flavour”. 

We offer a variety of menu items to cater to different tastes such as our butter chicken which is full of flavour but not hot, our chilli -based dishes such as lamb vindaloo that can be very spicy and Indo-Chinese meals. We cater to vegetarians and vegans too with dishes such as Saag Paneer and Vegetable Biriyani. We are happy to discuss any dietary needs you have when you book your table. And to make sure the meal is to your liking, you can order your meal to suit your taste, beit Kiwi, Indian or English, mild, medium or hot.

Over the years, we have seen many celebrations and we are happy to cater to large groups and allow the restaurant to be decorated within reason. If you are bringing young children that need to be given something to eat quickly, please us know and we will do our best to help you to get them settled so that you can all enjoy your evening.

Our restaurants are BYO so please feel free to bring beer and wine (there is a small corkage fee).

We offer deliveries and pick-ups. You can order online and give the date and time you would like your food. We have started our journey to become more environmentally-friendly and our meals are now packaged in environmentally-friendly paper bags. We have selected these based on a combination of usability and cost, and we welcome your feedback about them. When you reach the checkout, you will see a small additional charge, so that we can continue to provide this facility.

I and my team look forward to welcoming you to “Aroma India” and our Divine Indian Dining experience.